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composer, lyricist, songwriter
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I’m a Boston-based, internationally performed
composer/lyricist of cabaret, jazz and art songs, as well as choral pieces. My work is characterized by sophisticated lyrics, contemporary story-telling themes and a stylistically varied approach suitable for intimate clubs, theaters and recital halls.

Numerous multi-songwriter showcases have featured my songs in their programs, including The Festival of New Vocal Music held at the Catholic University of America, Washington, DC; CabaretFest in Provincetown, MA; the Fringe World Festival held at Perth Cultural Center, Northbridge, Australia; In Praise of Auden Festival organized by Gresham’s School, Holt, UK, in honor of the 100th anniversary of W.H. Auden’s birth; and four occurrences of the ASCAP-MAC Songwriter Showcases in New York.

Many performers have also highlighted my compositions in their solo shows, including Dane Vannatter, Will McMillan, Sophia Bilides, Jody Ebling and Brian De Lorenzo in Boston; Adam Shapiro, Patricia Fitzpatrick and Sue Matsuki in NY; Catherine Thomson in Chicago; Vandana Bali in San Francisco; Lua Hadar in several Bay Area locations; David Gauci in Melbourne; Chris Coleman in London; and Gregory Wiest in Munich. Taken together, the performance history of my compositions has been recognized by several ASACPlus Awards.

In addition, four revues devoted to my work have taken place, featuring leading singers in Cambridge/Boston for “From Tin Pan Alley to Silicon Valley”; New York for “The Stories In My Mind,” performed at the Metropolitan Club, later released as a live recording, and at the American Popular Song Society; Washington, DC for “Out of the Box”; and at the BACA “Songwriters Performance Showcase.”

My pieces have also appeared on commercial CDs issued by Lua Hadar, Chris Coleman, Robyn Spangler and Nancy Stearns, in addition to the appearance of Dane Vannatter on two CDs released by Bob Levy.

I was a finalist for the 2014 Dottie Berman Award for cabaret songwriting offered by MAC and have written two children’s musicals, one of which - “The Cretaceous Cabaret” - was presented at the Boston Children’s Museum during a festival sponsored by the International Museum Theater Alliance.

As a jazz flutist, I perform as a member of The Alchemists, a free jazz band of multi-genre musicians devoted to improvised compositions. We have released two CDs, “Potions” and “Journey To The East,” available at Bandcamp.
As a songwriter, I do not perform as a pianist or singer. I do perform as an improvising jazz flutist, available for your shows & recordings. (but note: I live in Boston)
Recordings and Video links
"The Stories In My Mind" at
This is a live recording of a NY revue of my cabaret songs, featuring Scott Coulter, Julie Reyburn, Kenneth Gartman, Christine Connors and Alex Gorey.

This recording is by The Alchemists, an improvising band in which I play flute & recorders.

You can hear all my songs at

YouTube videos of performances of my songs: (yes, one “n”)

Quotes from fans and press
"BACA's Songwriters Showcase features, among other composers, songs by Dennis Livingston — including the bittersweet, highly visual, almost filmic "A Misty Day In Istanbul" — Beverly Creasey's at Theater Mirror.

"An Ordinary Day" details beauty and appreciation in the commonplace, with lyrics that weave a vividly visual tapestry." Tom Kelly on Vandana Bali at The Plush Room, San Francisco Bay Times.

“It’s Time For Roses" is a captivating story song with some word choices that got my ear ... in this tale of a well-read but isolated person finding a new love)." – Rob Lester on Lua Hadar's CD,

"[Besides Perry Danos] five other singers are on board, with one song apiece. One is cabaret artist Dane Vannatter...whose track [‘Sooner Than Someday’] is a smoothie and highlight."
— Rob Lester in Cabaret Scenes reviewing Bob Levy’s “Connections" (collaborations with myself and other songwriters)