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singer, actor, producer, voice over, director
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  • Actor/Actress
  • Coach - Cabaret
  • Coach - Performance
  • Director
  • Master of Ceremonies (Host/Emcee)
  • Producer - Cabaret/Music
  • Producer - General
  • Producer - Theatre
  • Singer
  • Singer - Foreign Languages
  • Singer - French
  • Singer - General/Cabaret
  • Singer - German
  • Singer - Jazz
  • Singer - Musical Theater
  • Voice Over
Quotes from fans and press
"Suzanne Petri has established herself as an actress who can handle classy and brassy with equal ease. Her gritty voice, crisp and witty delivery, and assured stage presence also suit her to musical theater of a certain high style." (Critic's Choice) Albert Williams, The Chicago Reader
"Particularly outstanding ... the scintillating Petri, whose throaty voice and marvelous acting worked to perfection" Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun Times

“As when she stopped the show during March's Chicago Cabaret Convention ... audiences can always count on Suzanne Petri to entertain with style and artistry." Jeff Rossen, Cabaret Scenes
A savvy stage performer, Petri knows how to conjure drama with an expression of sorrow on her face, how to raise spirits by strolling exuberantly through the crowd. As a musician, Petri can arch a phrase for poignant effect or bend a pitch downward to evoke a touch of pathos.
Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune
"Petri, by nature, emerged as the evening's focal point. The intensity of her performance and the degree of attention she gave every syllable pointed to a cabaret artist of unusual rigor. S… for listeners who wish to get underneath the skin of a song – to its center – Petri serves as fearless tour guide. And nowhere more than in the work of Coward."
Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune

" Her "Surabaya Johnny" (as Yvette) is simply chilling and her rendition of
"Carousel" and "The Miller's Son" (as Madame Hortense) breathes a new life
into these lyrics while never forgetting to celebrate "everything passing
by." In this 4-star evening, Ms. Petri proves that she is not only a top notch interpreter of lyrics, but one of the best actresses in Chicago” Cabaret Hotline